Philosophy & Values

Community Focus
  • Our daily activities, both formal and informal, provide an opportunity for each resident to actively engage and thrive in the highest quality of daily life possible
  • Mealtimes are a vital source of enjoyment, culture and community. We offer homemade meals three times daily using a menu that residents and their families can help plan
  • Understanding the importance of consistency in care and a familiar community environment to those with memory impairment, we offer our residents the option to “age in place”
Holistic Care

  • Care plans are developed keeping in mind the “whole” person, utilizing knowledge from the individual’s complete life history, and extend beyond just a plan for health care
  • Our focus of care is developed base on the abilities of individual residents, not on their inabilities. We build on the uniqueness of each person and tailor a holistic care plan
  • Our care team is trained to recognize behavioral symptoms that may be linked to pain, and approach pain management with solutions that are specific to the conditions and needs of each individual resident. people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia often have unrecognized pain
Meaningful Relationships
  • The small, intimate nature of our home enables us to provide a high care team member-to-resident ratio. This makes if possible for each care team member to get to know each resident on a personal level
  • Our person-centered culture nurtures the development of caring relationships between staff, residents and family members, and extends to meet the needs of our care team in order to the highest quality of care possible to our residents
  • Our family centered approach promotes the highest level of involvement with our families. You are never alone. Our professional care team is here to support you and assist you
Our Culture

At Millennium Memory Care we take our culture very seriously. We believe our culture is expressed in the ways our owners, staff, and residents think, feel and act. Our culture is guided by core principles and governs all communication and interactions within our home.We ask all staff and residents to uphold the following values and principles at all times:

  • Acknowledge and value uniqueness of residents and staff
  • Provide small home with high care team member-to-resident ratio
  • Create a safe environment
  • Respect independence and choice
  • Ensure privacy and personal space for solitude
  • Create mutually beneficial relationships between staff and residents
  • Engage individuals in activities that inspire them to fully express themselves
  • Encourage self-sufficiency in daily living activities
  • Create a comforting home environment
  • Cultivate emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Provide total care
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