Outbreak Response Plan

Outbreak Response Plan

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All Millennium Memory Care Infection Control policies and procedures are followed. Additional infection control precautions are taken because of the potentially higher risk of infection among customers with dementia.


Customers with dementia, particularly those with high mobility, may come into physical contact with each other frequently.  Impaired judgment and perception can cause them to place inedible objects into their mouths.  Therefore, additional precautions are warranted to limit risk of infection.


  1. During use of the outbreak response plan, all staff are to be screened for symptoms of the disease, and their temperature to be taken in the beginning of their shift. All staff are to be wearing appropriate PPE such as gloves, masks (N95 or Surgical), isolation gowns, or face shields for the assistance they are providing to the residents.  Any vendors entering into the community should have their information written in the sign in log and be screened for symptoms. All visitors to the community should be wearing masks and stay in their designated area of the community. Should 3 or more residents test positive within the community all visitation will be stopped.  All residents are to have a complete set of vitals taken every shift, or three times per day.
  2. Outbreak response plan will be posted on the Millennium Memory Care website as well as the contact number for the Director of Operations. Director of Operations will hold office hours via zoom, in which she will be able to discuss policy and procedure with families that are interested in participating. When visitation is limited, house managers will video call or speak on the telephone with each resident’s responsible party. During an active outbreak all visitation shall cease and family members will be offered the option to video call residents as the appointment times allotted to them. Should visitation be able to occur again it will be by appointment only, with social distancing in effect.
  3. An Infection Prevention Team will be assembled to monitor the outbreak and initiate changes. The team will include the Infection Control Preventionist (Director of Operations), Regional Nurse, House Managers and Maintenance. Increased routine cleaning and disinfection will occur and high touch spots such as bathrooms and door handles will be regularly disinfected. Use of disposable products for residents that are under infection guidelines. In-services on infection control and proper use of PPE will occur routinely and at the start and end of an outbreak.
  4. Should there be an outbreak in the community, resident family members will be notified first via phone, and then followed up within 72 hours with written letter via mail or email. Staff will be notified immediately should a resident require isolation so that proper protocols can be followed.  Signage will be provided in their chart, and staff will review handwashing and infection control policies. All staff entering resident rooms will be wearing PPE such as gloves, masks, isolation gowns, coveralls or face shields.  Increased stockpile of PPE will be brought to the community and proper use of the CDC burn calculator will occur (two month supply for 16 residents).
  5. Should a resident or staff member test positive for the virus the local department of health will be notified via email or phone call. The staff member will be removed from service and the resident will be isolated to their room.  This will be follow up with completion of the daily linelist; facility report and facility update survey. Anyone that has come in contact with the resident or staff member and has not previously tested positive, will be retested.  All testing procedures to be completed through Acutis, providing necessary insurance information.  Should an outbreak occur all staff will be given N95 masks to be worn during their shift along with a face shield or goggles.
  6. If a resident should be showing symptoms of the disease, they will be isolated in their rooms to help prevent the spread of infection. They will be using separate bathrooms for added infection control. Meals are to be given in rooms for those residents under isolation. Residents that test positive will be separated from negative residents, and will be assisted by a designated staff member on each shift. This staff member will not be assisting residents that are negative. Should multiple residents test positive, we will cohort them by wing, positive residents will be on one hallway of the community and negative residents will be on the other.
  7. Communal dining and Activities are to be suspended as much as possible, and social distancing measures are to be put in place. Residents are encouraged to wear face masks if possible. Admissions will be suspended into the community until the end of an active outbreak and house managers will implement staffing contingency plan for possible change in staffing levels.
  8. Infection Preventionist will create a line list and provide ongoing monitoring and surveillance of the community with an active outbreak. The line list will include symptoms, location and onset for both staff and residents. The will use this data as well as contract tracing to identify possible mode of transmission. They will then notify Infection Prevention surveillance team the results and formulate new infection control measures to prevent the same mode of transmission.
  9. In the event of an outbreak the staffing contingency plan will occur. All vacation requests will be suspended until the end of the 28 period. The use of agency personnel or personnel from other communities will be considered should there be a staffing shortage.
  10. Should a staff member show symptom they are to be immediately excused for work until a test has been taken. Should the test come back positive the staff member will be out for a minimum of 10 days AND 3 days with no fever or symptoms without the help of medication.
  11. All staff and residents are to be tested weekly should they have never tested positive in the past. If staff is being tested at another job, they are to provide the weekly paperwork to their home community for review. During an outbreak staff are to be tested two times per week.  After the incubation period of 14 days residents will then be tested every three to seven days until a negative test is received.
  12. All new admissions to the facility will be tested for the virus 3 days in advance. Should they have the disease they will be tested 14 day after incubation and then every 3-7 days until they receive two negative tests and/or minimum of 10 days AND 3 days with no fever or symptoms without the help of medication.


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