Excellent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Holistic Care
Care plans are developed keeping in mind the “whole” person, utilizing knowledge from the individual’s complete life history, and extend beyond just a plan for health care. While our care team provides top-level quality of care and comprehensive assistance with activities of daily life, we do not take only a “medical” approach to our residents’ lives. Our beautiful Monroe, New Jersey home is a place where life is lived to the fullest, and includes excellent clinical care, but it is not a traditional facility where health care is mainly the focus of life. Our holistic approach recognizes the connection between mind, body and spirit – therefore our residents are cared for on all levels. We ask family members, or those that are significant in the lives of the resident, to help develop a life story that will enable our care team to get to know the whole person. We then draw on each of our residents’ unique life experiences to develop a true understanding of their needs in order to create a plan of Alzheimer’s or dementia care that will offer them the best quality of life possible in all of New Jersey.
Safe Medication Management

Our care team is trained to recognize behavioral symptoms that may be linked to pain, and approach pain management with solutions that are specific to the conditions and needs of each individual resident. People with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia often have unrecognized pain due to difficulty in communicating. Behavioral symptoms that may be a result of pain can be misdiagnosed and psychotropic drugs prescribed unnecessarily. Our goal is to accurately prescribe medications and ensure proper dosage to ensure the greatest benefits to our residents. We also offer a unique array of non-pharmaceutical approaches in conjunction with medications to optimize behavior and communication, such as gardening therapy, pet therapy, and aromatherapy, all of which have proven to improve mood and memory, and generate a holistically calming effect.
Aging in Place
Understanding the importance of consistency in care and a familiar community environment to those with memory impairment, we offer our residents the option to “age in place”. The essence of home is a safe environment where emotional and physical needs are met, memories are created, history is cherished and community evolves. We believe each individual has the inherent right to benefit from aging in a comfortable, intimate home as opposed to other types of institutional care. Our desire is for our residents to experience all of the benefits of aging in place, therefore, we arrange the appropriate level of care to meet each resident’s unique set of circumstances to the best of our ability so that our residents can come home for life!
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